RB20 / RB25 / RB26 Skyline Ignition Coil Conversion Kits by Redline Tuning.

Redline Tuning are synonymous with High Performance Skylines.

Over the years, we've built & tuned the UK's fastest R32's to date, so naturally we've developed a solution to the weak spark & the outdated coil pack system commonly found in the Skyline's RB engine series.



Our Skyline Coil Conversion Kits use Audi R8 coil packs. These coil packs are tried & tested across several 1,000HP+ Skylines we've had in our workshop.

More on this later. 

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Buy Ignition Coil Conversion Kit with Audi R8 Coils (Skyline GTR RB26)

This product contains our full conversion kit - genuine Audi R8 Coil Packs, a specially made aluminium coil pack mounting frame, an ignition wiring harness & more. 



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Buy Ignition Coil Conversion Bracket Only (Skyline GTR RB26)

This product is the standalone aluminium mounting bracket, complete with hex cap head bolts & spacers. This product comes in a variety of colours to suit application. 


Why are our Skyline Ignition Coil Pack Conversion Kits the best on the market?

Simply put, our Skyline Ignition Coil Pack Conversion Kits are the perfect balance of ... & practicality. 


Audi R8 Ignition Coils provide a more than ample spark, with the added advantage of being able to function with the inclusion of "funky fuels" - E85, C16 & ethanol can be used in conjunction with these coils. 


Following this, R8 Coils are also an extremely cost effective & easily sourced coil, meaning that if they ever fail, you won't have any trouble finding replacements locally.  





Choosing Redline's Conversion Kit will mean that it's not possible to fit your ignition pack cover back on - but fear not - this is completely by design. 


Not only does this give you easier access to the ignition amplifier, a common component attributed to failure. 


It also allows for maximum heat dissipation. Hot ignition components will degrade over time, and if you've got a high performance Skyline, you'll be asking for a lot. 






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