Aftermarket ECU & Standalone ECU Calibration, Installation & Tuning

At Redline Tuning, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of reputable aftermarket / standalone ECUs, which we're able to supply, install and calibrate (tune). Standalone ECU's are designed specifically to replace your factory ECU, providing a more intimate control over your engine tune, with each providing the opportunity to control virtually any engine variant.  

Endlessly adjustable & uniquely tuned to your vehicle - by the most passionate & meticulous tuners in the South East of England.

Below is a list of Standalone ECU's Redline are proficient at tuning:


 LINK ECU Engine Management LOGO

Link ECU Engine Management:

Link ECU Engine Management offer a wide range of ECU's - catering for every application you can think of. We supply, install & calibrate both standalone wire-in systems to vehicle specific plug-in modules. Redline Tuning are an Official Link Dealer - more information can be found here.

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 syvecs powertrain control logo at redline tuning essex

Syvecs Powertrain Control ECU:

Founded in 2007, Syvecs LTD provide high end engine control solutions for street vehicles, with an objective to provide functional motorsport tuning and make it accessible to street tuners. Get in touch with us to discuss our Syvec solutions in our Essex - Based workshop.  

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 Life Racing ECU logo - redline installation

Life Racing:

Life Racing supply an excellent & broad range of products, including ECU's, PDU's, display units, wiring harness and more across the entire motoring spectrum. We deal with every Life Racing product currently available - tuning, installing, and supplying it all.

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 Omex Technology Systems Logo in black Redline Tuning Installation

Omex Technology Systems LTD:

Specialising in "fast road & motorsport" markets, Omex are manufacturers & suppliers of quality engine electronic units. Redline Tuning are able to supply, install and calibrate Omex systems such as the 710, 600 & 200 series ECU modules. Find out more by contacting us.

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 Emerald 3D Mapping Logo Redline Tuning Installation

Emerald 3D Mapping Systems:

Based in Norfolk (conveniently close to Snetterton Circuit) Emerald is a specialist automotive electronics company, developing and designing stand-alone engine management systems. Redline are practised in tuning the Emerald K6 module & earlier Emerald systems.

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 haltech engine management systems logo redline tuning installation

Haltech ECU Systems:

Globally recognised and founded in 1986, Haltech deliver cutting edge engine management technology - both on and off the track. Redline Tuning are able to supply, install and competently tune both wire-in and plug-in Haltech products, as well as installing IC-7 digital dashes.

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motorsport electronics ecu logo redline installation 

Motorsport Electronics:

Motorsport Electronics are UK-based designers of powerful yet cost-effective engine management solutions, distributing both wire-in and plug-in ECU modules. Redline Tuning are proficient in tuning both the ME221 and ME442 engine management systems.

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ECU Master Logo Redline installation 

ECU Master: 

Founded in 2009 and commonly used in drifting, drag, rally & circuit application, ECU Master are quickly asserting themselves as one of the leading aftermarket ECU brands. Redline Tuning can supply, install & calibrate the ADU (Advanced Display Unit), EMU Black, PMU and much more.

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 Unichip Europe Logo - Piggyback ECU Redline Installation

Unichip Q/X/X+ Modules | Piggyback ECU:

In some instances, a standalone / aftermarket ECU is not necessary for the tune you require. A far more cost effective route is via the installation of a piggyback ECU module such as the Unichip. Better described as a multi - processor ECU tuning tool with universal application, the Unichip is able to control fuel & ignition parameters, turbo systems, superchargers & a whole host of other parameters just as effectively as an aftermarket ECU.
Enquire about a Unichip consultation today to discuss viability with our tuners. 

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