Full Car Geometry Check - wheel alignment, camber angle, corner weighting, and more.

Not just engine tuning. Redline Tuning offer a geometry set up, wheel alignment & corner weighting service - so if you're local to Essex, we're truly a one stop shop for performance tuning. 

These services are integral for vehicle balance, handling, optimising tyre life & overall precision. If you're serious about power, make sure your vehicle handles it properly...


4 Wheel Alignment.

4 Wheel alignment, commonly referred to as "tracking", is the process of re-adjusting your wheel position for improved steering, a smoother ride, fuel efficiency, safer braking distances and the longevity of your tyres.  

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Camber Set Up.

Camber Set Up is the process of altering the angle of your vehicle's wheels. Positive camber is beneficial to stability, and a negative camber is better suited for high performance vehicle's to corner at higher speeds & more effectively.

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Caster Set Up.

Caster Set Up changes how far forward / behind the steering axis is to the vertical axis. Changes to caster directly affects the camber of the wheel during steering and alters steering feedback and offers improvements to driveability.

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Corner Weighting.

Fundamental to motorsport & track application, Corner Weighting can significantly improve grip by offering insight to uneven mass on your wheels. This service aims to improve cornering predictability & balance.

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Ride Height.

Ride Height alteration determines the distance between the base of the car and the ground. Lowering ride height increases downforce and lowers the centre of mass for improvements to handling characteristics, and higher ride height allows your wheels to have more vertical room to absorb shocks.

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Droop Set Up.

Droop Set Up involves altering how much body roll your vehicle experiences. Typically, less droop will result in a reduction in body roll, and more droop does the opposite. Beneficial to heavy motorsport application for track traction discrepancy.

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Rake Set Up.

Rake Set Up is the process of modifying front ride height relative to rear ride height, boasting improvements to the overall aerodynamics of a performance inspired vehicle. 

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