Custom Engine Harness, Looms and Dashboard Wiring in Essex

Redline Tuning are to create & install "mil-spec" custom ECU Engine looms, harnesses and digital dashboards. Our experience with creating exceptional bespoke harnesses for specialist, high performance, rally, circuit, endurance and general motorsport builds makes us the perfect choice for those residing in Essex and the South East of England.

We provide a full installation service from start to finish - we'll commission, design, manufacture & install your wiring harness / loom. 

Bespoke Wiring Harness Design.

If you need a custom wiring loom, Redline have you covered. Being an engine electrics specialist, we have an extensive knowledge of most engines. Whether you're thinking of installing a standalone ECU, installing aftermarket gauges, a combination of both, or just trying to diagnose an issue with your loom, you can trust Redline and our boundless motorsport pedigree. 

Engine electronics are naturally complicated; get in touch with us today to discuss your query in more detail.

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 Bespoke wiring ecu loom manufacturing in essex

Aftermarket ECU Wiring Harnesses.

We are aftermarket ECU tuning specialists; what we do not know, is not worth knowing. We're able to create custom wiring harnesses for a range of motorsport and road-going usage. Every aspect of manufacture is carried out in-house by some of the most talented & meticulous harness builders in Essex. Check out our list of aftermarket ECU's we're able to supply and tune - if we deal with them, we can make you a harness suited towards your application.

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 Custom ECU wiring harnesses for aem, ecu master, motorsport electronics, haltech, emerald, syvecs, life racing, link and omex in essex

Engine Chassis Wiring.

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Custom / Racing Dashes.

We're able to install most Aftermarket Racing Dashboard Displays and Data Loggers for vehicles both on and off the track in our Essex - based workshop. 

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 Haltech Digital Dashboard installation in essex

Can't find what you're looking for?

Our workshop is open from 9AM - 5:30PM Monday - Friday. If your wiring or loom query isn't mentioned in the above, get in contact with us for a brief consultation with one of our technicians. You needn't book - give us a ring! 

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 Custom wiring harness, looms and digital dashboard installation in essex

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