Unichip Europe ECU Installation at Redline Tuning

Redline Tuning is the official home of Unichip Europe, and are the sole European distributors of the Unichip module. Manufactured by South African technology giants Dastek, the Unichip Module has recently seen a resurgence in recent history, due to it's reliability, versatility and multi functionality as a tuning tool.

We love the Unichip Module as it's a intuitive way of attaining many of the benefits associated with a Standalone / Aftermarket ECU - for a fraction of the installation / module cost.

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   redline tuning the home of unichip europe in essex 


What is the Unichip Module?

 Unichip Q Module and Unichip X Module at Redline Tuning 

The Unichip Module(s) are a series of Piggyback performance ECU modules, which works in conjunction with a vehicle's original Engine Management System - enabling the engine to be custom mapped.

It's either hardwired or connected via a custom wiring loom between your engine's sensors and your vehicle's existing ECU. 

The Unichip gives an adept tuner access to 17 RPM sites between 500 - 10,000 RPM, & 12 load sites between zero & wide open throttle position, equating to 408 possible points of adjustment for both ignition timing and fuelling.   

Unichip Features:

  • 8-10% power gains on N/A Engines.
  • 15 - 30% power gains on turbo engines.
  • Multi - Map Technology.
  • Endlessly re-programmable.
  • Easily removeable.
  • Invisible to diagnostic scanners.
  • Anti - Theft Technology.
  • Dyno Tested / Tuned.
  • Works alongside engine modifications.
  • Scroll down a comprehensive list of custom Unichip features...



Case Studies | The Unichip Module:


Subaru Impreza WRX STi 

Gains: +110HP | +120 LB-FT

  • This imported Impreza failed to meet Euro emission standards, so the Unichip was used to not only tune the vehicle, but make it road legal...
  • 110HP was found at 3.5k RPM, and took this vehicle's maximum power output to an impressive 351.8HP. 
  • Anti - Theft, Economy, Performance, Performance + & Race Maps programmed.

 2010 subaru impreza wrx sti unichip module


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Ford Focus RS MK1

Gains: +50HP | +66 LB-FT

  • Equipped with an uprated air intake, intercooler & exhaust system, a Standalone ECU module is overkill for tuning this Focus RS MK1.
  • With the help of the Unichip Q+ module, we found +90HP & 96.6 LB-FT of torque, pushing this retro Ford Focus RS MK1 power figures wickedly close to the new Mercedes AMG A35 power figures...

 ford focus rs mk1 tuning unichip module


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Custom Unichip Features:

Not just ignition timing & fuelling adjustments. The Unichip can be programmed to do the following (& more...):


  • 5 x programmed map slots.
  • Variable valve timing adjustment.
  • Rev limit adjustment.
  • Water Methanol Injection control.
  • Nitrous Oxide progressive injection.
  • Variable Induction control.


  • Mappable Boost limit & level adjustment.
  • Launch Control for turbo vehicles.
  • Full throttle gear changing.
  • Bigger injector handling.
  • Road Speed Limiter removal.
  • Shift light programming.


  • Speedo Conversion for imports.
  • Idle Speed stabilization.
  • Injector over drive.
  • Throttle Maps for drive by wire engines.
  • Intercooler Water Spray Control.
  • Pops / Crackles / Flaming Overrun. 

Need More Information on the Unichip Module?

Contact Redline Tuning directly for a consultation on how your vehicle can benefit from the Unichip Module. 
Our workshop is open 9AM  - 5PM GMT [Mon - Fri]. 






"I hope once you will be able to come to Cyprus we can check it on our dyno!"

"I bought it based on reviews directly from Unichip EU and have it shipped to Cyprus no Dyno customisation just a simple plug and play. After some an intercooler upgrade Richard sent me the new maps and I have Uploaded them on the Unichip and now My LC100 is accelerates like a sports car! Even though it weights 2.8 tons.
Thanks Richard Berg for your support. I hope once you will be able to come to Cyprus we can check it on dyno!
Drives and looks great! Hard accelerations makes 4 Wheels spinning! (On 33 inch mud terrains )"

"C. Loizou" | Land Cruiser - Unichip Plug and Play Kit


"Exceeded my Expectations"

"Brilliant service done everything I asked for and exceeded my expectations car feels amazing thanks guys"

"J. Obsessed" | Glanza / Starlet - Unichip Installation

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