Classic Car Tuning and Carburettor Tuning in Essex

Respect the classics. Redline Tuning have an extensive portfolio of classic car / carburettor tuning. On most days, there's probably a 60/40 split of modern vehicles & classic motors brightening up our Essex based workshop.

We know how important word of mouth is, especially when it comes to vehicle's that need an attentive and prudent approach to tuning. This is why we're highly recommended by the south east's classic car community.

Take a look at the services we offer:

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Carburettor Rejetting Service

Carburettor rejetting, or "carb rejetting", is the process of altering the size of your carburettor nozzles (or "jets") for increased performance. Air to Fuel ratios are the key to improving performance, and by altering these holes to give your engine either more fuel or more air, we can increase fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Redline's extensive knowledge & experience of classic car tuning and rejetting translates into getting it right first time. 

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Carb Timing Adjustment.

As you'll probably be aware, your carburettor regulates the flow of fuel into your vehicle's engine, and the timing setting will govern the Air to Fuel ratio. Typically, the stoichoimetric ratio (14.7 parts air to 1 part) is usually the optimal AFR. By adjusting your carburettor's timing, we can create either a leaner or richer AFR to suit customer preferences.


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Carb Dyno Tuning.

Get it right, first time. Gone are the days of fiddling with engines in dimly lit home garages. Take full advantage of our in house rolling road, completely eliminating guesswork via our Dyno's comprehensive real-time data. A perfect balance of traditional & cutting edge technology makes Carb Tuning at Redline the only workshop you need to consider.



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