ECU Remapping in Essex & London

Redline Tuning are proud to provide an exceptional ECU remapping service for those local to Essex & London. This includes a full diagnostics check prior to your modification, and an optional "dyno run" post tune - for complete transparency & customer confidence.

Not all ECU remapping services are created equal.

These days, every man with a van and a laptop under his arm now seems to offer this service, with varying degrees of success. When it comes to making any modifications to your vehicle, there needs to be elements of trust, competence & professionalism. Redline Tuning offer competitively priced flash maps, with all the facilities you'd expect to get your vehicle's ECU professionally remapped


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Just had my MK2 st225 remapped first ever time doing this kind of thing and as soon as I turned up they made me feel at ease straight away, got it on the ramp, done a health check, run all run perfectly fine and then run the remap, completed the map and was absolutely great. Would recommend Redline Tuning to everyone I know...   J. Brown | Focus MK2 ST225 

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The Remapping Process | Diagnostics Check.

Performing a road test & diagnostics check is the first & most fundamental step to our engine remapping process. Redline Tuning will only perform a remap if your vehicle is in a fit and "tuneable" state. There is no point in calibrating an unhealthy engine - this will just result in wasting your time & money, and you'll miss out on the full potential of your flash map. 

Would you give your elderly grandparent a pair of roller skates? Probably not.


 ecu calibration rich in dyno with laptop


The Remapping Process | Loading & Calibration.

Once we've deemed your vehicle suitable to be mapped, we'll then calibrate the flash file, ready to be loaded onto your vehicle's ECU (Engine Control Unit). In some instances, the actual tuning files can be slightly modified to suit the condition of your vehicle, or the application of your tune (Road vs Circuit). Sometimes, a "one size fits all" approach is not the most effective way to achieve optimal performance figures.


 rolling road ecu remap test calibration picture


The Remapping Process | Dyno Runs & Road Testing.

Once the file has been appropriately calibrated & loaded, your vehicle is then road tested by one of our technicians to ensure the file is optimised correctly.

Optionally, we can also perform a dyno / power run on our 4WD DynoDynamics Rolling Road in order for you to have visual proof of your power gains, and for you to have complete confidence in the modification we've performed.



Ready to book your vehicle in?

Pricing starts from a very competitive £250+ VAT - so get in touch with Redline today for a quote. 
Please have your vehicle's make, model and registration handy before you call us - we can't quote you if we don't know what you're driving...!






Motorsport Developments / Evolution Chips Remapping

Redline Tuning collaborate with Motorsport Developments, owners of the Evolution Chips ECU remapping service.  

 evolution chips ecu remapping service in london essex redline tuning

Evolution Chips

Being a high - performance tuning specialist ourselves, it was extremely difficult finding a trustworthy & honest ECU remapping specialist to partner with.

Evolution Chips offer a ECU calibration service like no other - reliable, cost effective, and most importantly, safe.

To Evolution Chips Website 

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Motorsport Developments

Motorsport Developments have been tuning racing cars around the Blackpool area since 1999. Their motorsport prowess & sheer aptitude for road fairing excellence made MSD & Evolution Chips the perfect choice to provide our remapping service.

To MSD Website 

Why are Evolution Chips your best bet?


  • 20+ Years of ECU Remapping development.
  • Meticulously tested on their 4WD custom dyno & then verified on ours.
  • Huge collection of quality ECU files.
  • Sensible yet powerful HP / Torque gains.
  • 1,750+ 5 Star Reviews.      

We've been using Evolution Chips for years - if they're good enough for us, they're good enough for you. Affordable, powerful & power gains all within the engine's power reserves. 


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Is your vehicle's engine modified...?

...Introducing the Unichip.


If you've got a handful of engine modifications, then pay attention. 

Flash mapping is ineffective. Standalone ECU's are beyond your budget.

The Unichip Module gives you the best of both worlds. Installed between your vehicle's ECU & your engine sensors, the Unichip intercepts ECU signals before they reach sensors, to manipulate engine parameters. 

 Unichip EUrope's unichip q and unichip x module piggyback ecu

In most instances for "lightly" modified vehicles, the Unichip will do everything you'd expect from an aftermarket ECU, at a fraction of the cost.

Installed on site, live-tuned on our dyno, loved around the round; visit the official Unichip Europe web page or contact us to book your consultation.

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...I seriously don't have enough words for it. Just gobsmacked. It has unleashed some serious power on the 1HD-FTE [engine] especially at low revs. Car pulls like a train and just keeps going going going. I wish I had done this sooner!  - P. Shah | Unichipped Land Cruiser "Amazon" 100 Series.

Engine Tuning and Avoiding Charlatans. 

These days, the engine "tuning" industry is saturated with more companies to choose from than there are cars on the road. Okay, maybe not that many - but exaggerated claims like the above are similar to the power figures you'll be quoted from some of these mobile mapping / tuning charlatans - and usually for a "too good to be true" cost, too.

If your mother taught you anything growing up, you'll know to avoid snake oil pitfalls like this. However, it's very, very easy to get sucked in on a bargain.

Simply put, the majority of mobile mapping carried out by these companies will give you a sizeable increase in power. However, these figures can never be verified because they do not have access to a rolling road to physically prove the figures they've quoted.

Furthering this, if these grandiose figures are genuine, they'll likely damage your vehicle.  Signalling to your engine to give it more power when the rest of your stock engine components can't handle it is a recipe for disaster, and will cost you more than the loose change you scrimped on for a replacement engine in the long run.

The tunes provided by these companies are typically a "one size fits all" approach, with no regard to your engine's condition. There's no guarantee that the tune you're receiving was even from the UK, either. Varying climatic conditions, fuel quality & even air quality have a massive effect on how your vehicle is tuned and how your engine behaves.

Moral of the story? Know what you're buying, avoid "cheap tune / big power" charlatans & always get any serious engine modification done by professionals. Redline Tuning are motorsport tuning experts & are already giving you the most amount of power feasibly possible - avoid Dave in his leased Transit claiming to give you double.


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