Engine Rebuilding In Essex

Redline Tuning provide a professional engine rebuilding service for the county of Essex and it's surrounding areas. Routine servicing and maintenance will typically keep your engine "ticking over" over the years, but sometimes, this cannot be helped. 

Engine rebuilds can be fundamental in getting your personal project car working to it's full capability. You'll trust in Redline to provide an outstanding rebuild, knowing that we've closely inspected & tested every mechanical component and replaced any faulty or worn parts during the rebuild process. 

Need your vehicle's engine rebuilt, reconditioned or inspected? Get in touch with Redline Tuning today to discuss any questions or queries you may have about the process.

Why Should You Get Your Engine Rebuilt?

It's not that simple. In most cases we see, an engine that's overheated or one that's seen it's oil pump break will typically cause internal mechanical components to fail, resulting in catastrophic engine failure - rendering your engine inoperable. 

Following this, engine's that have remained stagnant over the years (forgotten project builds) can have residual oil that becomes too thick or loses lubricity, causing the engine to seize up completely.

Getting your engine rebuilt takes all of the stress away from the driver. Older engines are far more likely to have failing mechanical parts, and in some instances, replacing the engine entirely may not be the most viable option for you.


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What Are The Common Causes of Engine Failure?

Overheating, detonation, oil leaks, water damage, engine negligence, wrong fuelling and a lack of proper lubrication can all lead to engine failure. For the most part, it's up to you to take car of your engine by regularly getting it serviced. Sometimes however, it cannot be helped. 

Redline can diagnose, replace and rebuild virtually any engine. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.


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