4WD Rolling Road Service in Essex & London.

Precision tuning calls for precisive measurements - this is why Redline use the most up to date and efficient engine diagnostic and analysis equipment currently available on the market.

This equipment makes us one of the most proficient 4WD Rolling Road Services in Essex, London & the entire South East of England. 

Our state of the art Dyno Dynamics 4 wheel drive rolling road allows our tuners to simulate driving your car in varying conditions on the tarmac, whilst logging & making accurate changes to variables such as fuelling & timing. 





 Dyno Dynamics 4WD Rolling Road service in london, essex and south east england


Atmospheric Compensation.

Redline use full weather & atmospheric compensation to truly replicate real world driving experience. Simply put, we use three very large (13KW) electric variable speed fans, ensuring testing / tuning remains accurate & under - bonnet temperatures are kept down. 

These fans are capable of emptying our dyno cell of air in less than a minute.



gtr in redline dyno 4wd dyno dynamics

Real - Time Data, Information & Analysis.

Our dyno cell can extract the following data & information:

 Torque Reading.

 Boost Pressure Reading.

 Fuel Curve.

 Inlet Air Temperature.

 Power at the Wheels & Flywheel.

 High Speed Lambda Reading (Air / Fuel Ratio). 



 GTR on Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road at Essex Redline Tuning

Power Runs | Engine Management | Get in touch.

Being a company that primarily deals with engine tuning above all else, Power Runs are available at Redline's discretion, and is currently something we don't openly advertise due to a heavy tuning schedule. However, pricing starts at £80+VAT (2WD) & £100+VAT (4WD) if we can manage to fit you in. Get in touch with us today.






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