Here at Redline Tuning we specialise in tuning, running, maintaining and building the ultimate in track day or race car, weather you’ve got a Vauxhall Nova you intend to make into a track toy, or a Porsche  GT Cup Car we can cater for your needs.

race track car prep suspension set up roll cage

We can turn a complete road going car into the level of race car you desire. From full shell preparation, roll cage and safety, suspension set up, engine and gearbox builds, right through to the final map to ensure you get the very best possible for your car.

If you run a race, track, or rally car or are thinking about getting involved in motor sport, speak to us at Redline Tuning for all your motor sport needs.  Why not let Redline Tuning take care of your car so you don't have to worry, allowing you to focus on what you're good at, driving it!

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"Track/Race day Transport & Hospitality"


race track car prep suspension set up roll cage

race track car prep suspension set up roll cageWe offer a complete geometry set up service for your coil over suspension. An often over looked aspect that can make a monumental difference to your vehicle a must for any track or race car . We will adjust the camber, castor, toe and corner weight your vehicle so that you can be confident it  will handle the road.

"What is Corner Weighting"

Corner weighting is an often overlooked area which is very important. If your wheels are not exerting a uniform force on each axle then the handling characteristics will also vary regardless of the changes to suspension geometry. By corner weighting a car, we can generally make it become more balanced, hence, more stable under braking and corner entry/ exit, resulting in a better performing car that you are more comfortable driving at the absolute limit.

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