Escort and Sierra Cosworth RHD replacement Link G4+ ECU and engine wiring harness. 

The perfect motorsport and fast road modification for your Cosworth YB car. Giving performance and reliability a much needed upgrade using the latest programmable ECU and user friendly software to get the best out of your hardware/tuning modifications. 

Cosworth engine aftermarket wiring harness features


  • Fully braided using attractive nylon over braid.
  • Time tested harness been sold worldwide for 5+ years.
  • Fully screened cam and crank sensor wiring.
  • Automotive thin wall PVC sheathed wire.
  • All new terminals and multi plug housings.
  • Clearly labelled for easy installation.
  • Removable ballast pack for using either original low impedance injectors or modern faster acting high impedance injectors.
  • Easy to upgrade and use additional sensors if need be.
  • Designed to fit the Cosworth YB engine without long lengths of unsightly harness.
  • Uses all the same connecting plugs as a standard harness.
  • Complete with bulkhead grommet.
  • New power relays and holders with internal fuses
  • Designed to be easily removed with the engine for use on an engine dyno.
  • Easily upgraded to use the more advanced feature packed Link ECUs offering launch control, antilag and many more inputs and outputs including knock control.

Link Atom ECU Features


  • 4 ignition drivers. (only one is used on the Cosworth however wasted spark and coil on plug are beneficial on this engine and provisions have been made in the harness for this upgrade.)
  • Unused ignition drivers can be used for other items like cooling fan, boost solenoids, intercooler spray Etc.
  • 4 injector drivers. Giving full 720 deg sequential fuel timing adjustments. Aiding in fuel economy and power.
  • Closed loop idle control. Using the standard ISCV a rock steady idle can be achieved by tuning the idle valve for better starting and higher idle at cold starts. Being able to tune this feature makes it possible to use the copy ISCV that don’t normally work with the standard ECU strategies. 
  • Idle ignition trim also available to further tune the idle of your heavily tuned Cosworth. Very useful when using larger camshaft profiles and bigger inlet manifolds and throttle bodies.
  • CAN Bus input/output for aftermarket digital displays and co-pilot displays or lambda sensor control units.
  • Electronic boost control doing away with expensive boost controllers or bleed valves. Can be tuned to give progressive boost pressure dependent on throttle position. Multiple boost maps available and can be switched on the fly via a switch or even a push to pass button on the steering wheel giving a timed boost increase as set by the user. If using a digital road speed signal, boost can be set according to gear and road speed.
  • 4 Auxiliary outputs. Pre wired for Boost control, ISCV, and a spare 2 on the internal dashboard plug on the harness used to drive shift lights and rev counter when using coil on plug or wasted spark.
  • 2 Temperature inputs. Prewired for engine coolant and intake air temperature measurement.
  • 3 0-5v analogue inputs. Prewired for throttle position and manifold pressure. Spare analogue input can be used for oil/fuel pressure measurement by using an additional sensor available separately. You can then set low oil/fuel pressure engine trips to help avoid costly engine damage.
  • 2 Digital inputs can be used for road speed measurement to enable gear and speed detection, map switching, push to pass, high/low boost, ethanol content sensor,  brake/clutch switch etc.
  • 2 engine position inputs for cam and crank sensors for improved sequential fuel and ignition control.
  • 32Mb of internal logging memory.
  • Closed loop fuel control using additional lambda measurement units to continuously tune fuel table ensuring best fuel economy and performance at all times.
  • Engine calibration can be tuned using typical manifold absolute pressure (MAP based) or throttle position based with a manifold pressure compensation.
  • Up to 5d fuel and ignition tuning. Example:- MAP based fuel table that gets richer with vehicle speed and richer with exhaust temperature whilst compensated against intake air temp and engine coolant temperature.


This kit should only be installed by a competent person. No warranty can be offered for incorrect fitment and damage. Basic electrical knowledge will be required. This is an aftermarket upgrade kit and as such requires some modifications to the standard car.





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