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Being one of the leading UK skyline tuners, one of our weekly challenges that we face was insufficient spark energy from the dated ignition components fitted to these iconic cars. Regularly we are seeing failures from degrading ignition coils, faulty ignition amps and old brittle wiring harnesses.

The sourcing and replacing these components results in us going round in circles due to no new components being available and having to change like for like 2nd hand parts, as well as this due to the advent of new exotic fuels there is a far greater demand for spark energy than ever before.


To overcome this Redline Tuning have developed a solution to do away with the dated ignition system, our system uses a much more modern, genuine Audi R8 coil packs, designed to be easily removable for spark plug changes. They are mounted in a custom aluminium frame which is located away from the cylinder head to avoid unnecessary heat build up which comes associated with these high performance RB26's. The wiring harness has been constructed not only to remove the problems associated with the old degrading wiring but to also improve the voltage to the coils. The whole kit is a simple and easy installation, however due to the degrading seen on the original multiplug we have chosen to replace this with a new aftermarket multiplug which will provide a better longer lasting connection, however due to this some cutting and crimping of terminals is required, this service can be undertaken free of charge at our tuning centre on a while U wait basis if you are unable to do this yourselves.


This kit consists of:

6 x genuine Audi R8 coil packs

1 x aluminium coil pack mounting frame

3 x spacers

3 x hex cap head bolts

1 x ignition wiring harness

1 x multiplug with connectors.


This kit should only be installed by a competent person. No warranty can be offered for incorrect fitment and damage. Basic electrical knowledge will be required. This is an aftermarket upgrade kit and as such requires some modifications to the standard car.



Please contact us for more details.

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