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Used for: An array of purposes including cleaning, lubrication & moisture displacement.
Used to: Prevent fluid loss from automatic gearboxes, improves gear changes & reduce fluid consumption.
Used to: Remove brake dust, dirt & motoring grime from brake parts & clutches.
Used to: Remove dirt / deposits from carburettors, air intake manifolds & throttle valves effectively.
Used as: An aerosol lubricant for chains, locks, hinges and hard-to-reach areas.
Used to: provide the best possible permanent seal for leaks in cooling systems, using carbon fibre.
Used as: A powerful lubricant, protecting metal from corrosion, water, heat & acid.
Used to: Increase fuel burn, improve performance, reduce emissions & extend the life of your DPF.
Used to: Clean ignition components & other electrical precision parts.
Used to: Remove oil, grease & grime from engines & machinery.
Used to: clear carbon deposits & improve oil circulation - for better engine performance & efficiency.
Used to: renew & replenish rubber seal elasticity.
Used to: Lubricate valves & remove deposits that cause engine inefficiencies & noise.
Used to: Reduce engine noise, black smoke, restore lost power & improve fuel economy in diesel engines.
Used to: Reduce engine noise, black smoke, restore lost power & improve fuel economy in petrol engines.
Used to: Penetrate and loosening seized components, rusted joints or fixings.
Used to: Replenish & recondition rubber seals & components in your vehicle's steering system.
Used to: Remove rust, oily residue & other blockage from any vehicle's coolant system.
Used to: Seal all leaks in the coolant system, as well as to prevent rust, corrosion & future leaks from occurring.
Used to: Release seized rusted bolts & locks, penetrating rust, grease, oil & carbon.
Used to: Protect metal from rust and corrosion, as well as a general lubricant.
Used to: Provide a thick barrier to seal gaps in worn engine components, reduce engine noise & burn less oil.
Used as: A water & heat resistant lithium grease, useful for lubricating hinges & moving parts.
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