The rain fell just as the cars left the pit lane for qualifying letting the first train of cars managing to put in some fast qualifying laps, Barney only managed to put it onto the 7th on the grid, hopefully the weather would clear up for the races. Barney managed to get a good start and it wasn't long before he hit the front and managed to clench the 1st win of the weekend, Tom taking 2nd in the Rover.

Race 2 saw them battle from the start unfortunately Barney drifted wide on clark curve and ran out of track, clipping the gravel, he managed to get it back on track however once he regained, it was apparent there was something wrong with the car, he got it back to the pits, only to find a boost pipe had come off, this was rectified by the team and he got back out however didn’t complete enough laps to finish Tom took 1st place in the Rover. 

This would make for an interesting race, putting him 19th on the grid for race 3, the race started and Barney quickly moved to the front, a great race took place between the Rover and the Starlet until at one point they raced side by side for a whole lap, Barney managed to squeeze in front on the last lap taking his 2nd win of the weekend, Tom taking another 2nd place.