Power Maxed Blizzard Snow Foam 5 litre
Code:   (SFC5000)

Power Maxed Blizzard Snow Foam 5 litre + Free Complimentary Micro fibre Cloth and Shampoo & Ultra Wax Sachet.
Power Maxed Shampoo  Ultra Wax 1 litre

Power Maxed Concentrated Snow Foam cleans and degreases in one operation dispersing oil, grease and general grime quickly and effortlessly.
The Snow Foam creates a blanket of foam when used through a foam lance.
The advantage of foam is that it can be applied and left to dwell for a prolonged cleaning effect.
Dirt is encapsulated and removed during rinsing with a hose, avoiding the need for agitation and avoiding micro scratching. 
Simply spray on and rinse off.



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