Power Maxed | VG Glass Cleaner 500ml


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Used as: An effective means of removing vegetable glycerine residue (Vape / E- Cig).

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Power Maxed VG Glass Cleaner (500ml).

  • Congratulations - you've managed to quit smoking. But now you're faced with another issue - misty windscreens caused by vaping.
  • Power Maxed VG Glass Cleaner is an effective way of removing notoriously stubborn vegetable glycerine streaks from your vehicle's windscreen, surrounding glass and hard surfaces.
  • It's powerful formula penetrates the oils commonly found in e-liquid, something which regular glass cleaners fail to combat effectively. It leaves no streaks or smears after usage. 
  • It's designed to fit within most glovebox compartments, and used in conjunction with a microfibre cloth (which we provide free of charge).


Why we recommend it:

  • First and foremost - it's one of our best sellers with repeat customers. They can't all be wrong. 
  • We know the dangers of vegetable glycerine build up all too well - it's especially dangerous with the glare of lights during the night. A one minute wipe over could well save your life, or somebody else's... 


Your order contains:

  • 1 x Power Maxed VG Glass Cleaner Spray (500ml).
  • 1 x FREE Microfibre Cloth.
  • 1 x FREE Power Maxed Ultra Wax / Shampoo Sachet.


Used for: Breaking down stubborn carbon deposits & general road grime on alloy wheels.
Used for: An array of purposes including cleaning, lubrication & moisture displacement.
Used as: The ultimate window / glass cleaning solution - now in a 1L bottle.
Used as: A multi-purpose cleaning liquid for a wide range of uses.
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