Power Maxed | Traffic Film Remover 1L


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Used to: Thoroughly remove excess road grime & avoid micro-scratching.

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Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover (1L)

  • When used, this product is a fast & effective heavy duty cleaning solution. It's suitable for use on all types of car, but preferably suited to plant and off-road vehicles due to it's concentrated formula.
  • Traffic Film Remover can remove dried bugs, dirt, chemicals & general heavy road grime from the vehicle's exterior efficiently. It's LSP safe 9:1 dilution will not strip wax or sealant.
  • It's safe to use on Rubber, Plastic, Alloy, Wiring and Glass.


Why we recommend it:

  • We often get specialist 4x4 & off-road build projects in our workshop for ECU calibration. We don't have time to thoroughly clean these vehicles prior to customer collection - that's why we use Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover for the heavy duty jobs. Using this cuts heavy duty cleaning time by at least 50%. 
  • Because it's safe to use on most surfaces, we don't have to faff about with a million different products. Spray on, leave it to sit, wash / wipe away. Job done. 


Your order contains:

  • 1 x Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover (1L).
  • 1 x FREE Microfibre Cloth.
  • 1 x FREE Ultra Wax Shampoo Sachet.


Used to: Remove bitumen tar, rubber residues, decals glue & wheel weights.
Used for: Breaking down stubborn carbon deposits & general road grime on alloy wheels.
Used as: A powerful cleaning agent to remove harsh chemicals accrued from road usage.
Used to: Specifically target & oxidise iron-based contamination such as brake dust.
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