Power Maxed | Quick Detailer Spray 500ml


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Used as: A convenient way to enhance paint gloss, remove grime & water spots.

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Power Maxed Quick Detailing Spray (500ml)

  • This product is a liquid wax-type spray that's designed to enhance paint gloss, but can also be used for a multitude cleaning purposes.
  • It's an efficient way to remove water spots, fingerprints & general grime.
  • This product is also used by professional detailers; when they've left wax or polish to cure the paintwork for a long period of time, they'll spray this product on to make the buffering process quicker, as well as make the end result much more visually effective.
  • This product comes in a handy 500ml bottle - perfect for those on the go or late for a car meet. 


Why we recommend it:

  • We use the 1L Power Maxed Quick Detailer Spray frequently in our workshop because it's just that good. When using this product on lightly soiled vehicles, a quick spray and wipe over genuinely gives the appearance of a good clean in a matter of minutes. 
  • The nature of our job means that fingerprints and general grime quickly accumulate. We use this to ensure paintwork does not get damaged whilst we work on vehicles. 


Your order contains:

  • 1 x Power Maxed Quick Detailer Spray (500ml).
  • 1 x FREE Microfibre Cloth. 
  • 1 x FREE Power Maxed Ultra Wax / Shampoo Sachet.



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