Power Maxed | Heavy Duty Pre Wash 500ml


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Used as: A heavy duty cleaning solution for heavy duty cleaning...

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Power Maxed Heavy Pre-Wash (500ml)

  • Power Maxed Heavy Pre-Wash is an effective cleaning solution for vehicles that require more than just a soapy bucket and a hose to get the job done.
  • It's a highly concentrated formula, designed specifically to effectively remove large quantities of dirt, chemicals and hardcore grime.
  • This product is best suited for construction, plant and off-road vehicles. 


Why we recommend it:

  • Occasionally, we'll calibrate off-road maps on ECU's for 4x4s (especially over at Unichip Europe!). They seldom turn up for their appointment spick and span. We'll dash a quick spray of Power Maxed Pre-Wash over all the "troublesome" spots, so we're not spending more time cleaning them than tuning them. 
  • We'll let it sit for 15 minutes or so, and then get the jet wash out. This makes our lives much easier. If you're constantly on the beaten track, this product is for you. 
  • This is a perfect product for the lazy washer. Yeah, there's something deeply satisfying about cleaning your car. But not for hours on end. 


Your Order Contains:

  • 1 x Power Maxed Pre Wash Spray (500ml).
  • 1 x FREE Microfibre Cloth.
  • 1 x FREE Ultra Wax Shampoo Sachet.



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