Power Maxed | Ceramic Ultra Seal 500ml


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Used as: A high-grade hydrophobic protective detailer spray.

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Power Maxed Ceramic Ultra Seal Spray (500ml)

  • Power Maxed Ceramic Ultra Seal Spray is perhaps one of the best detailing products for a reasonable price on the market.
  • After using this product, your vehicle's exterior will have an unparalleled gloss and hydrophobic protective properties.
  • The active SiO2 content extends the durability and hydrophobicity of existing coats.


Why we recommend it:

  • Value for money. We'd typically expect to pay £40+ for this level of detailer. 
  • We use this product after cleaning our client's show cars before they arrive for collection. It looks like we've spent hours waxing their vehicle, but the reality being it only took us 10 minutes! 
  • Using this product after washing your vehicle makes drying much, much easier. It smells nice as well as providing a hydophobic layer. 


Your order contains:

  • 1 x Power Maxed Ceramic Ultra Seal Spray (500ml).
  • 1 x FREE Microfibre Cloth.
  • 1 x FREE Ultra Wax Shampoo Sachet.



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