Link ECU | Tuning Cable 1.5M [C-USB] | G4/G4+

Link Engine Management

( 101-0001 )


Used to: Tune Link ECU products via a USB Cable to a computer.

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Link ECU | Tuning Cable 1.5M [C-USB] | G4/G4+ 

  • Link ECU's Tuning Cable is an ECU communications lead, required to tune all of the Link ECU models listed below. 
  • To use this product, connect the cable to your computer & Link ECU Module to gain access to the map settings within the Link product.
  • This is a Link CAN to USB Tuning Cable.
  • This product is suitable for use on the following:
    G4 / G4+ Atom Module(s).
    G4 / G4+ / G4X Storm Module(s).
    G4+ / G4X Fury Module(s).
    G4 / G4+ / G4X Xtreme Module(s).
    G4 / G4+ Thunder Module(s).
    G4+ Storm Black / Blue / Silver Module(s).
    G4 / G4+ Plug - In Module(s).
    ANY older Link ECU utilising the Link 6 Pin CAN Connector.


Product Specification:

  • Link Product SKU / Code: 101-0001.
  • Cable Length: 1.5M | 150CM.
  • CAN / USB Connectors.

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Additional Information:

  • Unsure as to whether your Link Module is compatible with this product? Get in touch with us directly for more information.

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