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Link Engine Management

( 101-0003 (0LB) | 101-0009 (5LB) )


Used for: Custom wiring jobs utilising Link Wire - In ECU's.

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Link ECU | "B" LOOM (0.4M + 2.5M / 5.0M)

  • Link ECU's "B" Loom is perfect for all custom wiring jobs for some of Link's Wire-In ECU collection, featuring a Link "B" ECU Connector at one end, and a set of unterminated wires at the other.
  • All wires are colour coded to match the product manual.
  • The Shorter "B" Loom is 0.4M Long, whilst the Longer "B" Loom comes in 2.5m & 5.0m lengths (see drop down above).
  • Added features of the 2.5m & 5.0m "B" Loom includes:
    Shielded Dual Core wires for knock signals.


Suitability | Link ECU "B" Loom

The following products require the use of an "B" Loom:

  • Link G4X Storm*
  • Link G4+ / G4X Fury*
  • Link G4+ / G4X / G4 Xtreme*
  • Link G4+ Thunder**
  • Link G4+ Storm Black*
  • Vipec V88*
  • Vipec i88*

*Loom "A" will also be required.
**Loom "A" & Connector Kits "C" & "D" may also be required.


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Link ECU Supply, Installation & Calibration:

  • Redline Tuning can supply, install & calibrate any Link Engine Management Product currently available, in Essex, London or the South East of England.

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