Unichip ECU Performance Tuning Box | Ford Ranger T8 2.0L Bi-Turbo [213PS]


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Used as: A self installable Piggyback ECU system, pre-programmed and ready to go.

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Unichip Performance Tuning Box | Ford Ranger T8 Bi - Turbo [EcoBlue; 213PS]

  • This product is compatible with the following:
    '18 - '21 Ford Ranger EcoBlue Bi - Turbo Wildtrak [213PS]
    '18 - '21 Ford Ranger EcoBlue Bi - Turbo Raptor [213PS]
    '18 - '21 Ford Ranger EcoBlue Bi - Turbo Limited [213PS]

  • Designed as a Piggyback ECU kit and easily installable for anybody on the mechanical spectrum, the Unichip Performance Tuning Box for the 2.0L EcoBlue T8 Ford Ranger Bi - Turbo [213PS] is a versatile tuning product that comes with up to 5 maps - intended to benefit your driving experience in virtually every situation.
  • The Ranger Bi - Turbo Performance Tuning Box is suitable for use on the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Ranger Raptor & Ranger Limited models [213PS]. 
  • This product retains all of the benefits of a remap, but leaves no footprint or trace on removal, and can also be re-tuned infinitely for use on your next vehicle OR after making modifications to your Ford Ranger.
  • The module is delivered to you pre-tuned, connected to a custom built wiring loom & with a mounting bracket.

    NOTE: Those purchasing the Premium Kit receive a Membrane, Rotary or Bluetooth Map Switch FREE of charge!
    There is an extra +£50 free for Deluxe editions, which feature the Key Fob Edition Map Switch.


Unichip Ford Ranger Tuning Box | Performance Figures

  • 212.8 HP  254.1 HP | +41.3 HP / +20.42%
  • 368.7 FT-LB  440.0 FT-LB | +71.3 FT-LB / +19.4%
  • Fuel Economy: +7-12 MPG*

Product Features:

The Ford Ranger Unichip Performance Box comes pre-programmed with up to 5 maps, as follows:

  • Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map (Premium Only) | Map Switch #1 renders your vehicle's throttle pedal useless, so no matter if a potential thief has access to your keys, they won't be able to drive your vehicle. Your Ranger's engine is still able to turn over, further reinforcing the thief deterring effect.
    Note: We recommend pairing the premium kit with the Bluetooth map switch for optimal security features.
  • Standard Map (Premium Only) | Due to the nature of the Unichip, your Ranger's original map file is still able to be accessed from your map switch. This is by design, as the stock map is useful for any engine diagnostics and troubleshooting you may need to run - without removing the Unichip Kit itself.
  • Economy Map (Premium Only) | The Economy Map does 1 of 2 things. Firstly, it gives you slightly more power in order for you to reach cruising speed optimally. Secondly, it identifies and nullifies your sudden throttle pedal movements, eliminating the one variable from stopping you attaining better fuel economy - you.
    Unichip Europe claim a 7 - 12 MPG gain.
  • Towing / Off - Road Map (Premium Only) | The Towing / Off - Road map grants the user a massive boost of torque, low in the rev range. This allows easier set-off when towing large loads or tackling sharp inclines both on and off the roads. 
  • Performance Map (Standard + Premium) | All of the power, across the entire rev range. The Performance map makes more efficient use of your engine's capabilities WITHOU overstepping the manufacturer's mechanical safety limit guidelines. All of the power is accessible with this map.


What's in the Box:

  • 1 x Programmed Unichip X Module
  • 1 x Plug and Play Wiring Harness [pre-assembled]
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket


Additional Notes:

  • This tuning upgrade is completely safe to use, without risk to your engine's mechanical components when used sensibly.
  • The wiring harness & Unichip module fit neatly without your engine bay, and can be removed by simply unplugging the kit and re-plugging your Ranger's existing ECU terminals.
  • This product can also be reprogrammed infinitely to accommodate for further engine modifications, as well as installed on your next vehicle.
  • Please cross reference your Ranger's existing ECU ports / connections with the images that we have provided. This product is only designed to be compatible with the 2.0L EcoBlue engine.
  • More technical information, installation guides and promotional material can be found on the Official Unichip Europe website:

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