Power Maxed | Blizzard Snow Foam 1L



Used to: Remove oil, grease & grime effectively via the use of a snow foam lance.

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Power Maxed Blizzard Snow Foam (1L).

  • Power Maxed Blizzard Snow Foam is used in conjunction with a snow foam lance, and is a very effective means of dispersing (and encapsulating) oil, grease & general road grime.
  • Applied directly before washing, the snow foam creates a soapy blanket. When left to dwell, it creates a prolonged cleaning effect, massively reducing cleaning time and removing most of the grime - before you've filled up a bucket!
  • After the product has been applied, simply rinse off with a hose or a jet wash. Using this product significantly reduces the risk of micro-scratching.


Why we recommend it:

  • We use Power Maxed Blizzard Snow Form daily - every vehicle that's left with us gets a thorough clean before customer collection. It's absolutely brilliant. When left on for 10 - 15 minutes, there's no need to wash your vehicle with a sponge / mitt, as 90% of the dirt is encapsulated in the formula. Using this product significantly reduces the time taken to properly clean your vehicle, with truly great results!  
  • The bottle screws directly into most snow foam lances, for ease of use.  


Your order contains:

  • 1 x Power Maxed Blizzard Snow Foam Bottle (1L).
  • 1 x FREE Microfibre Cloth.
  • 1 x FREE Power Maxed Ultra Wax & Shampoo Sachet.



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