Power Maxed | Radiator Stop Leak 325ml


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Used to: Seal all leaks in the coolant system, as well as to prevent rust, corrosion & future leaks from occurring.

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Power Maxed Radiator Stop Leak Treatment (325ml)

  • Power Maxed Radiator Stop Leak Treatment effectively finds and seals leaks in your vehicle's cooling system and radiator. 
  • Using this product prevents future leaks from occurring, as well as protecting components from building up any form of corrosion or rust. 
  • It'll help prevent clogging, as well as containing corrosion inhibitors.
  • It'll seal all leaks in the following:
    - Coolant System.  
    - Radiator.  
    - Heater Matrix.  
    - Core Plugs.  
    - Thermostat.  
    - Housings.  
    - More. 


Your order contains:

  • 1 x Power Maxed Radiator Stop Leak Treatment (325ml).



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