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Link ECU 101-0280

( 101-0280 )


Hall Effect Sensor for camshaft or crankshaft

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Hall effect sensor designed for use in applications where ferrous
edge detection/near zero speed sensing is needed. They provide a sinking current output. 

Typical automotive applications include:

Crank & Cam Signals
Anti-lock braking systems

Box Contents
1 x Hall Effect Sensor
1 x DTM3 Connector Kit Set (Matching set, Male & Female connectors, pins & wedges)


From near zero speed up to 15 kHz sensing capability
10 bit dynamic threshold direction offers: Automatically adjusting magnetic range, Self-compensating to target geometry
Compatible with unregulated power supply
RoHS compliant
Typical air gap of 1.5 mm


Thread = M12x1.0

Lead Length = 1m (20 AWG)

Pin Out:

Brown = Supply VCC

Blue = Ground

Black = Output V

Voltage = 5v - 24v

Max Current Draw = 6 mA

Maximum Speed Detection = 15 kHz

Maximum Installation Torque Limit = 5.65 Nm (50 in lb) on thread

Recommended External Pull-Up Resistor: 5 Volts DC = 1k Ohms 9 Volts DC = 1.8k Ohms 12 Volts DC = 2.4k Ohms 15 Volts DC = 3k Ohms 24 Volts DC = 3k Ohms

Operating Supply Voltage = 5 to 24 VDC

Maximum Input Voltage = 30 VDC

Maximum Reverse Voltage = 24 VDC

Supply Current = 3 mA typ., 6 mA max

Output Sink Current = 20 mA max

Housing Material = Anodized Aluminum

Operating Temperature = -40 °C to 125 ?C

Ingress Protection = IP67 Sensor Length = 65.5mm (2.58 inches)


For best results, we recommend targets made from low carbon cold rolled steel. Other factors that influence sensor performance include gear tooth height and width, space between the teeth, shape of the teeth and thickness of the target. As a general guideline, consider a target with minimum parameters as shown below. Note that smaller dimensions may work, but testing for the application is required. Tooth Height - 5.0 mm (.200") Tooth Width - 2.5 mm (.100") Distance between Teeth - 10 mm (.400") Target Thickness - 6.35 mm (.250")

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