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Link ECU 210-4000

( 210-4000 )


Used for: Tuning the VQ35DE engine commonly found in the Nissan 350Z.

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Link ECU | "G4X 350ZLink N350X"

  • Designed for: VQ35DE Engine.
    Full list of suitable applications below.
  • The G4X 350ZLink N350X is a Plug-In ECU developed by Link Engine Management, designed to maximise the potential of your car.
  • Link's N350X ECU comes in it's own case, fits directly into the factory location, requires no alteration of the factory wiring loom / harness, and is designed to be simple to install.
  • This ECU works for manual & automatic transmissions.
  • This product includes an Onboard 4 bar or 7 bar MAP Sensor, and most factory features are supported.
  • It is highly recommended to fit an IAT Sensor with this model.
  • 350ZLink N350X supports the following vehicles:  '02 - '06 Nissan 350Z (Fairlady Z Z33) | '03 - '06 Nissan Skyline V35 | '03 - '06 Infinity G35.


Features | "G4X 300ZLink N300X"

Expansion Connector 1:

  • GND | Ground Sensor Only
  • +5V Out | Low Current +5V Supply
  • AUX 15 | Auxiliary Output
  • AUX 14 | Auxiliary Output
  • DI 8 | Digital Input
  • DI 9 | Digital Input
  • ANA VOLT 8 | Analog 0-5V Input

Expansion Connector 2:

  • AN TEMP 4 | Temperature Sensor Input
  • DI 11 | Digital Input
  • AUX 16 | Auxiliary Output
  • AUX 8 | Auxiliary Output
  • +5V | Low Current +5V Supply
  • GND | Sensor Ground Only

G4X Plug-In Features:

  • Up to 6D Fuel & Ignition Mapping
  • Precision Closed Loop Cam Control (Four Cam | Independent Control)
  • Sequential Fuel Delivery
  • Digital Triggering, all OEM Patterns
  • 5D Boost Control
  • OEM Idle Hardware Supported
  • Motorsport features; Anti-Lag, Launch Control, Flat Shift
  • Continuous Barometric Correction [on board]
  • CAN Port
  • QuickTune - Automated Fuel Tuning
  • Individual Cylinder Correction
  • USB Tuning Cable included
  • Records into On-Board memory
  • Gear Compensations for Spark, Boost and Fuel
  • More...

Full Specification [Link ECU] 

Link ECU Supply, Installation & Calibration:

  • Redline Tuning can supply, install & calibrate both the Link G4X 350ZLink N350X ECU or any other Link Engine Management Product currently available in Essex, London and the South East of England.

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Important Notes:

  • Please double check / cross reference your existing ECU's pinout with the images we have provided, to ensure connections are correct.

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