LINK ECU | Plug & Pin Kit B

Link Engine Management

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Used to: Construct wiring harnesses for your Link G4+ / G4x / Vipec ECUs.

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Link ECU | Pin Kit "B" - Plug & Pin Pack

  • This pack is an essential for those constructing their own Link G4+ / G4x / Vipec wiring harnesses. This pack contains the equivalent plug & connectors as Link ECU's "B" Loom.



This product is suitable for use with the following units:

  • Link G4X Storm.*  
  • Link G4X & G4+ Fury.*  
  • Link G4X, G4+ & G4 Xtreme.*  
  • Link G4+ Thunder.**  
  • Link G4+ Storm Black.***  
  • Vipec V88.*  
  • Vipec i88.*  

* Loom A / Pin Kit A also required.

** Loom A / Pin Kit A & connector kits C and D may also be required.

*** Loom A / Pin Kit A also required - Loom B is not required for the older Silver or Blue G4 or G4+ Storm Models.


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