Jaguar | Ignition Amplifier Module (V6 + V12)

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For: Jaguar V12 XJS HE / 6 Cylinder XJS / Series 3 XJS / Series 3 V12.

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Redline Tuning | Jaguar V6 / V12 Ignition Amplifier Module

  • Jaguar's OEM ignition amplifier is mounted in such a way that it's often exposed to excessive heat & engine vibration - contributing to poor performance & component failure.
  • Redline Tuning's ignition amplifier module kit moves the original ignition amp away from the problems associated with the above, allowing you to mount it to the inner wing.
  • The product also comes with a brand new motorsport spec wiring harness that's been engineered with all new terminals & premium grade thin wall automotive cable, ensuring you'll get a good voltage to both the ignition amplifier & distributor - creating a more stable & robust spark. 
  • Our ignition amplifier module is suitable for the following Jaguar models:
    - V12 XJS HE*. 
    - Early 6-Cylinder XJS*. 
    - Series 3 XJ6*. 
    - Series 3 V12*. 
    - *Models manufactured between 1981 - 1990.


Problems associated with older model ignition amplifiers.

  • Prone to overheating (due to bad design & mounting placement). 
  • Misfire under load at high RPM. 
  • Prone to damage from engine vibration. 
  • Complete non-start when engine is hot. 
  • Erratic / no RPM readings. 
  • Difficulty starting engine in general. 


Redline Tuning's ignition amplifier module solutions.

  • Far superior mounting placement - preventing heat soak damage. 
  • Stable / robust spark for reliable hot & cold start. 
  • Reliable RPM readings. 
  • Mounted away from engine vibration. 
  • 5 - 10 minute installation. 



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