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Dastek 3.5 Turbo Module. Wiring plug and wire kit for the Turbo module. Pin diagram of Turbo Module. We stand by these products and should there be any issues we will resolve them as quickly as possible.

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Dastek Unichip Turbo Module [2.5 / 3.5]

  • The Unichip Turbo Module is used in conjunction with a Unichip Module, in order to input a boost pressure signal when one is typically unavailable, or is too small a range for the intended upgrade.
  • The Turbo Module includes a high current driver for use with a boost control solenoid, or an additional fuel injector - all controlled by the Unichip Module itself.
  • This product comes in both a 2.5 Bar and 3.5 Bar variant, depending on application.


What's in the Box:

  • 1 x Unichip Turbo Module
  • 1 x 8 Pin Plug
  • Full set of Terminated Wires
  • Pin Diagram for Turbo Module
  • 1 x Black Over-Braid


Additional Notes:

  • In order to render the turbo module useful, you'll need a Unichip Module to control it.
  • Some applications may also need an additional boost control solenoid.


Official Unichip Europe Website:

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Home Page 


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