Automotive Single Core PVC Thin Wall Cable 1.0mm (Auto Wiring)

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Automotive Single Core PVC Thin Wall Cable 1.0mm (Auto Wiring)

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Automotive Single Core PVC Thin Wall Cable 1.0MM

  • Redline Tuning's selection of single core PVC thin wall low voltage cable is a high performance cable, designed for use in automotive application.
  • It consists of conductors made of thin but durable stranded copper wire, with a hard grade PVC insulation. The reduced insulation thickness and higher current capacity reduces the weight and volume, making this the preferred cable used by high end vehicle manufacturers for large wiring harnesses.
  • Despite being thinner, it has great resistance to diesel, petrol, oils, dilute acids and moisture. The PVC hard grade insulation also protects against cut-through & abrasion damage, as well as being suitable to use in temperatures ranging from -40  | +105 degrees.
  • Note: Where two colours are indicated [e.g. Blue/ Black], the first is the main colour and the second is the trace colour.


Typical Usage

For use on all ECU Solenoids and Actuators with a nominal current draw of 16A, such as:

  • Fuel Injectors
  • Ignition Coils
  • Boost Solenoids
  • Idle Speed Control Valves



Manufactured to:

ISO 6722: 2006 (Class B)

Voltage Rating:

Suitable for 12V and 24V systems (60V Max)

Nominal Current Rating:


Maximum Loading:

198W@12V, 396W@24V

No./Size of Conductors:

32 x 0.20mm

Conductor Cross Section:


Maximum Overall Cable Diameter:


Resistance per m at 20°C:

0.0185 ?

Conductor Material:

Manufactured from soft annealed electrolytic copper wire to DIN 72551

Insulation Material:

PVC (Hard Grade). Fully complies with the latest Lead Free legislation

Working Temperature Range:

-40°C to +105°C (tested for 3000hrs)


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