Automotive Single Core PVC Thin Wall Cable 0.5mm (Auto Wiring)

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Used for: Wiring ECU sensors such as TPS, MAP, IAT, ECT and more.

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Automotive Single Core PVC Thin Wall Cable 0.5MM | IAT, ECT, MAP, TPS

  • Typical Usage:
    On all ECU sensors such as:
    - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT). 
    - Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT). 
    - Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). 
    - Manifold Pressure Sensor (MAP). 

  • Automotive Single Core PVC Thin Wall Low Voltage Cable [0.5MM] is a high performance cable for use in most automotive applications.
  • Consisting of conductors of stranded thin copper wire, this wire is hard grade PVC insulated to retain a great resistance to diesel, petrol, oils, dilute acids and moisture. The hard grade insulation also protects against cut-through and abrasion damage.
  • Our selection of 0.5MM automotive wires are suitable for use in temperatures between -40 - +105 degrees. They also carry a higher load compared to the standard automotive cable.



Manufactured to: ISO 6722: 2006 (Class B)
Voltage Rating:  Suitable for 12V & 24V systems (60V Max)
Nominal Current Rating: 11A
Maximum Loading: 132W @12V, 254W@24V
No. / Size of Conductors: 16 x 0.20mm
Conductor Cross Section: 0.5mm (squared)
Maximum Overall Cable Diameter: 1.7mm
Resistance per M @ 20 degrees: 0.0371Ω
Conductor Material: Manufactured from soft annealed electrolytic copper wire to DIN 72551
Insulation Material: PVC (Hard Grade). Fully complies with Lead Free Legislation
Working Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C (tested for 3000hrs)


Additional Information:

  • The quantity ordered will be supplied in one continuous length.
  • Redline Tuning use all of our wiring products listed on a daily basis for wiring jobs associated with the high-performance vehicles in our workshop.
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