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Injector Cleaning

Injector cleaning gives Optimum fuel economy when you want it as well as Optimum peek horsepower when needed.

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ASNU Injector Cleaning & Servicing

Often overlooked, Redline Tuning strongly recommend having your fuel injectors cleaned, flow tested and balanced every 50,000 - 80,000 miles, or prior to any of our ECU mapping sessions.

This ensures optimum performance, as poor injector flow will result in poor overall performance & throttle hesitation.

Clean injectors typically result in improvements to fuel efficiency, restorative performance, an engine longevity.  

ASNU Injector Cleaning & Servicing injectors





ASNU Injector Cleaning & Servicing cleaning

Fuel injectors get clogged with dirt & carbon deposits from the fuel system, which will lead to a wide variety of engine problems:

  • Reduced engine horsepower injector cleaning.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Lumpy or erratic idling.
  • Poor cold starting.
  • Engine pinking (detonation).
  • Ignition misfiring.
  • High exhaust emissions (particularly unburnt hydrocarbons).
  • Engine hesitation.
  • Acceleration "flat spots".






On the car cleaning is a cheap and temporary fix, which actually puts sediment and dirt into the tiny filter that sits in each injector. 

ASNU injector cleaning/service is a far superior cleaning method. We test the injectors then replace   all the parts such as o-rings, pintle caps, spacers and filters at a fraction of the cost of buying new or rebuilt units from the auto stores or the dealer.

Once the injectors have been cleaned we bring back 100% of the injector’s function, which will show:



  • Increase in performance
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Improved drivability
  • Lower emission levels
  • Prices from £20+ VAT per injector*

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For ASNU Injector Cleaning, please send injectors to Redline Tuning, 5 Hemmells, Basildon, Essex, SS15 6ED or we can remove the injectors at our premises* 
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