Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition | Link G4X ECU Installation

One of the most pristine examples of the Evo 6 Tommi Makinen Edition you're ever likely to see. Completely rebuilt by the customer. It's been in the Redline workshop for a Link G4X ECU installation & a full geometry setup. Here's what we did. 


  • First things first - it's been an absolute pleasure to have this in our workshop. We see retro Japanese vehicles roll through our shutters on the daily, but this was something else. It arrived to us on the back of a recovery truck, having never set foot (or tyre?) on the tarmac since the customer completely rebuilt it.
  • It's had a fresh paint job, too. Honestly, it's stunning - our pictures do it absolutely no justice. And, as mentioned above, it's been in for Link G4X ECU installation, it's had a new set of injectors fitted by us & it's also had a full geo set up, too.


evo 6 tommi makinen edition link g4x ecu installation injectors and geometry set up (1)


"The Redline Magic" | Evo 6 Tommi Makinen Edition

  • Once the Evo was carefully pushed into our workshop (wearing 7 pairs of latex gloves at once...), work began on installing the Link ECU module. Redline Tuning are an authorised Link dealership, and for good reason - they're an extremely reliable, cost-effective & powerful standalone / aftermarket ECU module with application to virtually any engine or build. 
  • Once installed, uprated injectors were also fitted.

evo 6 tommi makinen edition link g4x ecu installation injectors and geometry set up (2) 


  • After installation, our mission was to create a map for the client to run in the engine. So, it was briefly into the dyno and our head tuner, Richard, got to work. We'll be seeing it back in the coming weeks for a full remap, so watch this space. This vehicle can't exactly be missed...
  • Once the base map was loaded, we carried out a full geometry set up. Is there any point in investing that much time and money into Japanese magnificence if it's just going to handle like a dump truck? Rhetorical question - don't even go there.

evo 6 tommi makinen edition link g4x ecu installation injectors and geometry set up (3)

  • The Evo's wheels were aligned, the camber was altered, and was then corner weighted on our premises. Performance, handling & aesthetics need to be in perfect cohesion for such a project. 

The Result...?

  • One thankful customer - imagine spending all of that energy creating something spectacular just to find a scratch on the bonnet? Thankfully, every vehicle at Redline is treated with the respect it deserves - this one is no different. 
  • We'll know the full results once it's back to us in the coming months. We'll keep you posted. Make sure you visit back...


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