Honda Jazz | Ex - Synchro Britcar Dunlop Endurance Motorsport 24HR Touring Car | MoTec ECU Tuning.

The most interesting Honda Jazz you're ever likely to bear witness to...

Driven by Touring Car Legend Matt Neal, This Ex-Synchro Britcar 24HR Endurance Jazz is a living piece of history, and we've been fortunate enough to have been chosen to tune it's Motec M400 aftermarket ECU in our Essex - based workshop.


  • Developed by Honda Racing and featuring a K20 engine commonly found in the Honda Civic Type-R EP3, it might have once resembled a vehicle you'd see doing 20MPH in a 40 zone on a cold winter's morning - but it's nowhere near what it once was. It originally cost Honda Racing in excess of £100,000 to bring to life...

honda jazz 24hr endurance britcar engine k20 motec ecu tuning in essex

  • This vehicle is a British Motorsport Relic. As previously mentioned, it once had Matt Neal behind the wheel, with the new owner fortunate enough to pick it up from a Honda Museum Auction. 

honda jazz 24hr endurance britcar back motec ecu tuning in essex


The Tuning Process | Motec M400 Tweaking

  • Once we'd stopped talking about it, it was promptly loaded into our Dyno Cell, strapped down and prepared for our Head Tuner Richard to begin his work. Strapping down any vehicle is fundamental to our tuning process - we've seen too many "Dyno Run Gone Wrong" videos to take any chances, and certainly not with a vehicle with this heritage or price tag...

honda jazz 24hr endurance britcar dyno cell motec ecu tuning in essex

  • From here, we were able to connect the Motec M400 ECU to one of our coveted tuning laptops for work to begin. The owner had concerns that this Jazz was significantly down on power, which was confirmed to be correct during the process.
  • Motec Aftermarket ECU Systems are a popular choice amongst top flight Racing Teams - they're able to meet the demands of newer engines and are considered a "market leader" due to their extensive R&D both on and off the track.

honda jazz 24hr endurance britcar interior motec ecu tuning in essex

  • The Jazz was on the rollers for a good half a day or so before work was eventually finished and ready for the new owner to collect his pint - sized powerhouse. It was swiftly strapped back onto the hauler it previously appeared on. Happy days.

Motec Tweaking Results

  • Nothing too crazy when it came to power gains - aside from a couple of bolt on modifications, this Honda Jazz's K20 Engine was virtually the standard engine you'd expect to see in the Civic Type-R EP3. 
  • Sometimes, it's not about tuning for maximum power. Preservation & small improvements to drivability were in order. How heartbroken would you be if your small piece of Honda heritage blew up? You'd have poor Matt Neal in tears if he found out.

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