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We recently had this absolutely stunning Mitsubishi Evolution VII in here from our friends at
Harlow Jap Autos.

Unfortunately the car came in as a non start, after a quick check over, we soon noticed what the issue was, the flywheel had failed, and number of the teeth had been damaged, annoyingly this meant that we had to remove the engine and gearbox from the car, so much hoping for a simple fix!

Once apart we were able to identify the part and luckily source a replacement ATS flywheel from Japan, this made perfect sense as the triple plate clutch was is good condition, avoiding the cost of a complete new clutch/flywheel set up, as a preventative measure we also replaced the starter motor to avoid any future issues.


Whilst our technicians were looking over the vehicle they noticed that the cambelt looked rather old and had a fair amount of slack in it, this along with the water pump was strip down and replaced, better to be safe than sorry.

With the flick of a key and the 4G63 was back in the game, and on its way back to our good friends at Harlow Jap Autos.

What an absolutely stunning car!

         mitsubishi evolution 7     mitsubishi evolution 7

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