Supercharged '04 BMW 645Ci | Unichip Module Installation & Water Methanol Tuning.

Over the years, we've got to know Connor & his lavish BMW V8 6-series. This week, he's turned up with a brand new bolt-on supercharger, a smaller pulley & a wet water meth dream...

There's no other words - we've completely transformed this 6 series from an ideal executive car into something only the Swiss could use in their euthanasia clinics.


  • The BMW 645Ci V8 features the 4.4L N52 engine, capable of producing 328HP & 332 LB-FT of torque off the production line, and is capable of a 0 - 60MPH time of 5.4 seconds, which is fairly impressive given the size of the thing. Clearly not enough for some, though...

BMW 645ci water meth supercharger unichip at redline tuning essex 1

  • It's styling isn't for some (especially the standard trim models), but this particular example is a thing of beauty. Featuring a plum metallic colour and some belligerent front headlight eyelids / brows, it was only right that it's aggressive features get the necessary power modifications right, too. "Necessary".  

The Tuning Process | Supercharged BMW 645Ci

The Unichip Q+ Module

  • Before we delve any deeper into the tuning process, it's important to point out that Connor previously had a Unichip Q+ installed by Unichip Europe, who operate under the same roof as Redline Tuning (It's us; we own the Unichip Europe franchising rights).

Unichip Europe BMW V8 645Ci Unichip Q Module Installation in Essex

  • The Unichip Module plays a fundamental role in the tuning development of this Beemer - we cannot create a map for either the new supercharger or the water methanol injection kit on the vehicle's original ECU, and the more expensive Aftermarket ECU option is not a viable option for the level of work carried out.

The Supercharged Power Run.

  • As previously mentioned, the customer's recently installed the N62B44 G1 Supercharger System, by USA based tuning company ESS Tuning. Somewhat underwhelmed by the feel & the claim of an extra 120 - 150 HP, it was into Redline Tuning's dyno cell for that all important under the bonnet diagnostic report and power run. 

BMW 645ci supercharger kit ess tuning n62b44 g1


  • Thanks to 3 massive 13v fans, Redline's Dyno Cell has 64HP's worth of airflow - a touch less than the power output of a 2016 Smart FourTwo E-Drive, for those wondering...
  • These provide a linear air flow to replicate real world conditions. The Beemer's also been idling for 30 minutes or so to attain optimal gearbox & tyre temperature.

bmw 645ci supercharged on dyno cell short pulley

  • Once we figured out where we were at in terms of power output, we were then able to retune the pre-installed Unichip Module to accommodate for the supercharger. Much like a standalone ECU module, the Unichip is able to be readjusted infinitely in real time until the tuner and client is happy with the tune - channelling over 53,000 fuel and ignition parameters until the job is done. Light work...

Water Methanol Installation & Short Pulley Tuning

  • A short time passes and now we're ready to install the water methanol injection kit, alongside a short supercharger pulley. A shorter / smaller pulley spin the blower faster, resulting in more boost and more low-end torque. 

BMW 645ci water methanol injection kit at redline tuning

  • Displacing the weekly shop space for a full on AEM Water Meth Kit comes easier to some, than others. The installation process was quick & simple, and, after both were complete, it was back into our dyno cell for the final tune. The results were a bit mad...


The Result | Supercharged Water Meth Controlled BMW 645Ci

  • Night and day difference. +249.6 HP & +128 LB-FT of torque...
  • Stock HP - 328HP | Supercharged + W/M Kit HP - 577.6 HP
  • Stock Torque: 332 LB-FT | Supercharged + W/M Kit HP - 460 LB-FT @ 5.6K RPM
  • An absolutely staggering difference. And as always, Rich (head tuner) has more ideas to try. I'm sure Connor and his BMW will be back soon for even more power. For now, here's a short video we've put together: 


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