Abarth 500 | Geometry Setup / Wheel Alignment.

Tuning isn't just about creating more power. And to be honest, efforts to tweak an engine for performance is generally futile without a proper geometry set up and properly aligned wheels. This is why we offer this service to our clients who prefer driving on the circuit to driving on the M25 (if you can even call it that, with all that traffic...). 

This Abarth 500 is specifically built for track days, and, thanks to our efforts, this hot hatch has now shaved seconds off their lap times since it's been with us...! 


  • The Abarth 500 is the predecessor of the 595, both of which feature a racy 1.4L engine at different stages of tuning. You'll find the majority of Abarth 500's outside various hair salons across the UK, or parked outside of the lines in a superstore disability bay. Not this one, though...

abarth 500 at redline for geometry set up wheel alignment camber

  • This race - inspired Abarth 500 has a myriad of aftermarket engine goodies strapped on it, and those aggressive dual exhaust tips have a diameter that a man hole cover would be proud of. Don't quote me, but I believe this vehicle has a power output of around 300HP - completely putting it in a class above your typical 500 on the UK roads. 
  • As mentioned, it's in for a full Geometry set up at Redline. You don't spend a month's wages on gym membership and then hit the town in a pair of sandals, do you?

    ...Do you?!

The Tuning Process | Abarth 500 Geo - Setup.

  • In this instance, we've only altered the camber and re-aligned the wheels. This Abarth has heavy track / circuit usage as well as road application - the client's not only battling the pot-holes of the UK roads, but also tearing it up on the track. Sudden jarring, heavy impacts, wear and tear & even ride height modifications can cause misalignment to your wheels, all of which you can expect to experience thumping it around your local circuit.

abarth 500 redline tuning wheel alignment geometry set up

  • Typical symptoms of misaligned wheels include vibration (feedback) on the steering wheel, steering changes & uneven wear on your tyres. This can be dangerous on the street, so it's even more of a cause for concern at high speed on the track. 
  • Camber was also adjusted for race optimization - negative camber is typically the best adjustment for high performance vehicles to corner at higher speeds.

abarth 500 geometry set up in essex on ramp at redline

The Results.

  • You'll struggle to find a tuning option that can be completed in such a short amount of time that delivers the same results as a proper geometry set up. This is especially true in any motorsport application.
  • The weekend after alignment, the client was back on the track. The following Monday, we were pleased to hear back from him - with great news. He's managed to shave more than 3 seconds off his previous personal best lap time, overtaking vehicles with much larger engines and power outputs.
  • This proves that power isn't necessarily king. Geometry setups carry a dual advantage. One is that the vehicle performs a lot better in terms of handling, benefitting from a much smoother ride & as well as dramatic improvements to steering. The other advantage is a mental one, literally. Once you've got more confidence in your vehicle and how it behaves, you can start to really push the vehicle to its limits! 

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