Emerald, Omex, Gems Loom Kit
Code:   (lmkit)

Complete stand alone management ECU fly loom including  2m of each wire and main power harness for injectors and coil to suit Emerald, Omex and Gems ECU. Complete kit includes the following;

  • Mems plug
  • 2m of each wire pre crimped
  • 25cm of 14mm - 26mm over braid
  • 25cm of 24mm-8mm glue lined heat shrink
  • 1m of 10mm - 20mm over braid
  • 0.5m of 12mm - 4mm glue lined heat shrink
  • 2m of 4mm - 11mm over braid
  • 1m 9mm - 3mm glue lined heat shrink
  • 7 timer plugs, including seals, terminals and prtective boots
  • Main power supply lead for injectors and coil
  • 1 cable marker kit

other info

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