Here at Redline Tuning we can calibrate almost any Standalone ECU, below are just a few examples of some of the ECU's out there which we regularly tune our favorite being LINK, we can also cater for the less main stream ECU's that are not so well known, if you have the programming soft wear we can always have a look at it for you.



Link Engine Management offer a wide range of ECU's catering for every application you could think of. Full standalone wire in systems all the way to vehicle specific ECU's which literally plug in giving you full standalone capabilities. We are an official Link dealer more information can be found on the LINK ECU specific section. 

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                   standalone ECU piggyback ECU fitting mapping supplying essex

 Allthough Vi-PEC- Wire in engine management systems were developed to fill a gap in the market for ECUs that were reliable, powerful, easy to tune and having features that worked correctly. Vi-PEC produces two main engine management models - the i44 and i88.

The i88 model has E-Throttle (Electronic Throttle Control). This was developed using automotive industry standards and ensures accurate and safe throttle control. Both i44 and i88 ECUs support full closed loop and quad variable valve timing control.Peak and hold injector drivers on the i88 are 10 amp (4 amp on i44). Both the peak Amps and hold Amps can be set separately in the software for optimum injector control.The engine management systems are well designed with special attention to resistance to interference from other engine components. The main processor is soldered to the ECU board and not in a socket. This ensures a high level of reliability and features like Anti-lag, Gear Cut control and Launch control are standard features on the i44, i88.


For over a decade Omex Technology Systems Limited have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality electronic units mainly to the fast road and motorsport markets.

The OMEX 710 Engine Management System is an ultra high performance ECU system designed specifically for high end users who require the absolute best at an excellent price for their engines. With up to 6 ignition outputs and up to 12 fuel outputs the OMEM710 is suitable for up to 12 cylinder engines. 

The OMEX 600 Engine Management System is a high performance, easy to install, easy to map system with all of the features now demanded in motorsport. 

The OMEX 200 Ignition Management System is a high performance, easy to install, easy to map system designed specifically for the serious Clubman competitor.

 standalone ECU piggyback ECU fitting mapping supplying essex


                standalone ECU piggyback ECU fitting mapping supplying essex

The K6 ECU is an automotive specific 32 bit Power PC processor giving class leading performance, stability and durability.  The K6 features 6 ignition and 6 injection drivers, allowing full sequential control for up to 6 cylinder engines, the K6 has the best environmental protection of any Emerald ECU to date.

As with previous Emerald ECUs the K6 continues to provide class leading features with intuitive and easy to use software combined with future proof upgrade options.  The K6 currently uses the already established K3 PC software providing intelligent and proven functionality and features, such as Adaptive Lambda control, Closed loop Boost and EGT control, VVT control and Triple MAP switching



Life Racing provide a large range of ECU's ranging from cost effective road car use to full Motorsport chassis controllers.

For example the F88 series of ECU's, F42 and F90 ECU's. These ECU's are designed to control the most complex of engines which include  2,4 stroke and rotary all the way up to 25,000 rpm.

Constant firmware and software updates from Life Racing ensures that your product continues to evolve well after purchasing. If it hasn’t been done we can do it! All Life Racing ECU's support our full range of cal tools.

 standalone ECU piggyback ECU fitting mapping supplying essex